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If rising utility bills have you wondering where you can save some money? Well the answers could be in your walls. Because your outer wall or envelope is exposed to the elements, it could really be hitting you in the pocket book. Not only will properly insulating your home save you money on your monthly bills, it’ll also increase the value of your home and make a lasting Earth friendly impact.

Homeowners desire a home that is comfortable, eco-friendly and energy efficient. Historically, fiberglass batts provided a solution. However, the times have changed. House insulation has evolved. Spray polyurethane foam is the most effecient insulation for house on the market. Using GENYK ‘Boreal Nature’ spray polyurethane foam will provide the comfort you desire and provide superior energy efficiency. AND – ‘Boreal Nature’ is a certified eco-friendly product.

Here are a few benefits of Genyk ‘Boreal Nature’ spray foam for house insulation


BOREAL Nature contains a high proportion of renewable and recyclable raw materials. Most importantly, ‘Boreal Nature’ does not contain products that damage the ozone layer. Further, Genyk ‘Boreal Nature’ exceeds all environmental regulations by using the cleanest possible blowing agents.


BOREAL Nature is wholly Canadian. It is designed by Canadians, specifically for the Canadian environment.

Economically profitable

A BOREAL Nature application quickly translates into savings. Energy bill reductions of up to 50% have been realized. Homeowners routinely see reduced heating and air conditioning consumption of up to 35%.


Unlike other insulating products,’Boreal Nature’ will stay in place for the lifetime of the building. The polyurethane foam will not settle or deteriorate with time. Further, wind loads, extreme temperature and moisture have minimal effect on ‘Boreal Nature’.

Proper installation

BOREAL Nature  is only applied by certified applicators. The installers of ‘Boreal Nature’ follow the most rigourous and continuous training program available. 


Not only does polyurethane foam have excellent thermal resistance, the superior air barrier performance of ‘Boreal Nature’ enhances tightness of a building. BOREAL Nature significantly reduces air infiltration and moisture transport. Thus, condensation and mildew are minimized. Further, ‘Boreal Nature’, when used as slab insulation, prevents the entry of radon gas (an extremely harmful radioactive gas).

Available grants

Because sprayed polyurethane foam insulation provides superior thermal resistance and lowers energy consumption, grants are available to help you carry out your projects.




  • BOREAL Nature exceeds the requirements of CAN/ULC S705.1 material standard.
  • BOREAL Nature is recognized by the CCMC (Canadian Construction Material Centre). CCMC# 14025-L.
  • BOREAL Nature is Green Guard Gold certified.

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